Wooldreads are made from Merino Wool and are very soft! The big advantage of wooldreads is that they are lightweight and provide a lot of volume.

We make the wooldreads by hand. This allows you to select the length and thickness, so you can get the wool dreads that suit you!

  • lightweight
  • don’t have a special attachment piece 
  • thickness of your choice
  • handmade 
  • double dreads
  • supple
  • good quality 
  • can be used multiple times 
  • available in different lengths 

Diameter of the various wool dread thicknesses: 
Thin: 0.4 inch
Medium: 0.5 inch
Thick: 0.6 inch

Weight of the dreads:
We make wooldreads as double dreads.
                      Thin            Middle         Thick
11.8 inch     3.4 gr.         6.5 gr.          13.8 gr.
15.7 inch     5.2 gr .          8 gr.           15.2 gr.
19.7 inch      6.8 gr.        11.6 gr.       16.5 gr.  
23.6 inch      8.2 gr         13 gr.            20 gr.

For a full head of wooldreads, you’ll need the following:
60-70 thin wooldreads
50-60 medium wooldreads
35-45 thick wooldreads

Because we make the wooldreads by hand, delivery time for them is longer than it is with our other products. Delivery can be expected between 1-2 weeks. The dreads are custom made by hand, so they cannot be returned.

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